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Attack Strategies at TH9

Post- update Golem Avalanche

A new strategy video by Powerbang, using golems and plenty of wizzies, with a Queen Walk to open the attack

HGHB, still the main 3 star strategy!

Is HGHB still OK? Powerbang shows that this strategy is still very powerful post-update!


Bowlers, Valks, Healers and Pekkas for a 3 star strategy guide by OneHive Gazette!

Are Valks stil OP post update?

Valkyries? Are they still good? Some post update video by Powerbang

Hog Based attack: Stoned BoHo by Powerbang

A strategy taking the best of the hog attack and using the powerful max bowlers in the cc!

Air Attack, Quake Zap

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Max Attack

This is the Max Attack, a hybrid 3 star strategy developped by Clashheads, based on the use of a strong kill squad, using often 4 EQ spell to open the way to the centre, take the cc, the queen and some of the key Air Defences.

The rest of the attack is by Air, using lavahounds (one more than the number of remaining defence) and loons

Queen Walk Guide

A guide by Jake on Queen Walk which is an essential part of 3 starring at th9.

Surgical Hogs

Dart explains here the tactic of deploying the hogs in a surgical way to best manage traps and defences

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