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Attack Strategies at TH11

Post update 3 star strategy - Bowler / Healer

Billius is sharing 4 successful 3 star attacks at th11, using what seems the best 3 star strategy for now: Bowler / Healer!

New Post-update 3 star Air Strategy: GoBoLaLoon

Watch out this new 3 star Air Strategy for TH11, post update by Billius. 

Billius goes over the GoBoLaLoon strategy step by step including slow motion replays. Four Townhall 11 3 Star Attacks are covered, including 2 GoBoLaLoon attacks, QW BoLaLoon and Quad Lavaloon.
A #1 TH11 warbase is shown being three-starred by two of the strategies.
These 4 guest attacks come from the BattleDay and USMC1775 clans. Enjoy!

3 starring a popular island base with Queen Walk and Mass Bowlers

Watch out for the timing to deploy the bowlers. Deployed too early, your queen could go south once you launched your main attack and your kill squad could be trashed by the cc.

How to 2 star an island base?

Quite a few different strategies to secure a 2 star on a max island base. Check also 

Check also video part 2 :

Mass Bowlers attacks are still very effective Post-update

A video by Billius from Centurae showing 3 bowlers attack on TH11 bases. The update has weakened the Healers but these attacks are still powerful enough to bring the 3 stars.

First attack starts with a Queen charge to take out the Eagle Artillery, the 2 following attacks are Bowler / Healers classic attacks.

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