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Attack Strategies at TH10

Post-update: Queen charge and how to use an early scout

Powerbang uses his own Mini to scout a TH10 base he wants to attack with Queen Charge and miners. 

Ronnie invents GoVaHoBo!?

Using Bowlers to funnel his Valks to the Centre of the base and a few hogs for the End Game, Ronnie has his own way of 3 starring TH10!

How to use Miners at TH10

Miners is the new TH10 toy. They can be a bit tricky to use and control. Thanks Rop for sharing this video!

Mass Bowlers at TH10 by Powerbang

Mass attacks are quite effective with the new troops available at TH10: Bowlers, Miners and even the buffed Valkyries.

2 Starring at TH10

If you are a new TH10, or in difficult wars, it might be useful to secure a safe 2 stars in War. Watch this video by Jake from OneHive. Also, 7 golems and 4 jumps strategy: It is presented as a 3 star strategy in the guide, but I use it often to secure a safe 2 star. To secure the second star, You should bring a few cleaning troops to clear out outside buildings. This will give you the precious % to make it a safe 2 star.

How to get a 2 star on some TH11 base as a TH10

Watch out how to get a 2 stars on a TH11 using Baby drags and Valkyries.

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