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The CENTUM War Path to greatness

Great news everyone!! We have finalized the Centum War Path and it's going to be GREAT!!! Much thanks to ALL that contributed to this - whether by ideas, opinions, arguments, support - it ALL got us to this point! We listened and we hope you'll be proud of this new path we're taking! The changes are GOOD. It's a plan to unite clans and players alike and bring FUN in a big, yet competitive way! We'd appreciate your support because with your support, it is already a success! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Centum Leadership Team and Founders! 😘

War path will be the following:

Gladius > Testudo > Arena

  • The Gladius Experience

Be Prepared.

Gladius is an entry level war clan that challenges / trains / tests / grades players on their attack abilities in various ways and prepares them for advancement to the next level on their own war path to greatness:

  • The Tudo Dynasty


In order to make the best warrior, we want to challenge you and develop you in a fun, friendly and competitive atmosphere! The trials listed below offer a creative and exciting way to bring a different element to the game while producing extreme warriors! Bring your best; do your best; be the best!

  • The Arena Arrangement

You have arrived.

Arena will be host to the MLCW (Miner League Championship Wars) as well as other featured events and arranged wars with higher level clans.

Please Visit the Leaders Announcement band for more details.

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