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Centum Apparel

Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to announce the official opening of the new Centum apparel storefront! We have created a line of apparel and other items sporting the new Centum logo. Centum members can now show off their clan pride in style with these stylish threads. The Front side features the Centum logo, while on the backside are the names of the 11 active clans and website.

There are two separate apparel campaigns, one US based and the other EU based. This was done to take advantage of the company's two fulfillment locations, enabling members to choose the one closest to them in order to lower shipping time and cost. Both of the campaings end in 7 days, this will ensure that people who want their Centum stuff before Christmas will be able to receive their items by 12/24 with regular shipping. The campaigns are set to automatically re-launch, so that apparel will be available for people to order anytime. I have set the prices as low as the two fulfillment centers would allow (they won't let you set a price that is not profitable). The profits from this account will be managed by the Centum founders. Any proceeds made from these items will be used to pay for clan related stuff. (ie website fees, future artist work, gem givaways etc.) I hope you guys like these items, and please share a picture in your new Centum gear!

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