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50v50 Celebration Week

We’re having a 50v50 celebration WEEK! Kicking off this historic chain of events will be Tudo, celebrating the spectacular feat of being the first Centum clan to reach Level 12! How awesome is that?!? Press is on December 5th! Sign up below! The second celebration is a fun, relaxed 1-year birthday party! Come decked out in your fanciest duds and bring your best to Gladius and let's have a crazy fun time! Press is on December 7th! Sign up below! Last but definitely not least, is a celebration of 1 year of some awesome Arena coaching! How many of us are better players because of the time, patience and dedication these amazing coaches have given us to help us improve our game?! Press is on December 12th! Sign up is below! Signup sheet is pre-filled from a previous war so just remove your name if you can't participate. Otherwise, fill it up!! Last three columns will let you choose the war or wars you want to participate in (all three would be awesome)!

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