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Yay we did awesome! Certainly exceeded my expectations. It was great fun having all the centum pushers over for the last few days. I'm sure all involved had a great time mixing in with the rest of the Centum family. Who said Centum isn't what it used to be?....Ive been here for almost three years now and this push shown me that we are just as strong now then we have ever been before. We peaked at #78 on Global Leaderboard. Most of the day we floated around #100. Right when the season ended we finished on #95. But we decided to stay around a bit longer to see if we climb higher while the players from the clans above left the top push clans to go back to their home clan. And some peoples trophies get reset back to 5000 before others do. So it give us a chance to climb a bit higher. Minutes after the season ended we started climbing... 90...88..85...82....80..79...78!!!!! So within about 5 minutes we climbed another 17 spots.

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