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"I believe that founders need to be represented in all of the war clans, so that a true picture of what's going on can be formed, also that we should listen to proposals from anyone interested in sharing thoughts about how we can move forward. I set up Centum with the help of Ali and ninja and our principles were simple. To help players, to never get heavy handed and to inspire fun. Clearly the scouting process was at odds with that & will be scrapped. We will post a band soon that asks for proposals and outlines our mission moving forward, we need all proposals to align with our core values. As always I've got strong opinions about how we should move on from here and I've been discussing them with Founders and a few others. However we have 463 members in Centum, and if better plans can be made we are all ears. I think things got over complicated, over engineered and lead to situations that lead to conflict. On behalf of all Founders I want you to know that we are very sorry if in the past we haven't been listening, shown enough respect and even dictated our views to people. That will change, and I'll be around for a while to ensure that you regain the confidence and respect that we've lost."

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