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Centums Official Logo

I'm happy to announce the new official CENTUM logo and mascot has been completed! Its been a couple of months of back and forth collaboration with the graphics artist to come up with something that I feel represents our clan well. We took the elements that were voted on the poll by members from all over the centum family, as well as some that helped bring it all together. Our new logo consists of a Roman Gladiator Helmet in front of a shield with crossed swords behind it. Gladiator Helmet: Represents the Roman military theme concept that is the core of Centums organization and structure. Shield: This is not just any ordinary shield, it is what links the logo to the world of Clash of Clans featuring our family's well known black and white design. Crossed swords: A nod to the warrior spirit of the members of Centum who make up our clans vast Clash Army. Any clan that sees the Centum name as their opponents war match knows they're in for a fight! I hope that you guys like the new logo/mascot, this is a custom design made from scratch exclusively for CENTUM.

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