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[originally posted by epishmeh]

At the end of April 2016, Centum converted Centum Centuria into the family’s first farm war clan. Due in large part to the work of CENTURIA The Hesster, within a week of the announcement, Centuria was accepted into the Farm War Alliance (FWA). Since April, farm wars have gained in popularity among Centum members & new forum applicants. In fact, for the past couple of months, the waiting list to get into Centuria has been one to four weeks long.

To answer this demand, Centum will be offering a second farm war clan, Centum Aquila. Taking on the responsibility of leading of this new clan is NTRoPY, who hails from Hades. NTRoPY & I will work closely to ensure that Aquila & Centuria are balanced & within the target range of war weight necessary to successfully match with one of over 300 FWA clans during war syncs.

Because we do not want to interfere with the current Centum-wide trophy push event, Aquila will officially launch as a farm war clan on November 6th (end of current league season). Movement to put members into position in Aquila or Centuria will begin a few days prior (except for the push participants converging in Centurae at that time).

The hope of Centum leadership is that by offering a second farm war clan, Centum will continue to draw in membership from folks that otherwise would have passed up the waiting list & moved on to a non-Centum FWA clan with immediate entry. Additionally, having no open space in Centuria has been hindering the ability for current Centum family to visit to try farm wars while heroes are down (6 of the last 13 people on the waiting list have been Centum family).

Please join me in congratulating HADES - NTRoPY & wishing him success in his new role. If you have any questions about farm wars, or have been thinking about giving farm wars a try, please reach out to me via PM on Band or GroupMe (I am quicker to notice messages on GroupMe).

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