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Members of Centum, I am very pleased to announce that the Testudo and Aquila war alliance will move to a more regular basis through a merge between the two clans. This will bring bigger and more competitive wars to Tudo. Aquila will still be an open clan, but will be used flexibly as an event and situation clan. A few possibilities: - Hosting FC tournaments and training - Civil and Arranged Wars - Casual, hero down wars - Specialized coaching - Farming tournaments - Final weeks of the Centum Push - Donation clan for those wanting to increase FIN numbers/XP - A reroute for direct applicants for a quick interview rather than a forum application - A possible second FWA clan if Turia’s popularity continues to soar These are just a few possibilities for its future use. I do want to stress that Aquila will not be closing and will serve a more defined purpose once numbers increase. This move just simply gives Centum more flexibility and bigger wars throughout the war clans. On behalf of the founders and myself, thank you to all of Centum and we are very excited for this next step!

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