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Centum Push!

Its been a while since we have done one of these!!! So here it is. We will be doing a Centum Wide Push in the October. Start pushing when ever you want. Just make sure you peak at the end of the October season (6th November). Our goal is to fill a clan with 50 legends. So we need a lot of players to participate in this push. Might be very hard for our th9s and th10s to push this high. Therefore, we will need most of our th11 players to push. Players will push in their home clan. Then with a few days left in season, all the pushers will join Centum Centurae to see how high we can get on the Global Leaderboard. I did a quick add up of the top 50 trophy players in Centum before the August season ended. Heres what I found... Trophy Count: 50,477 Global Rank: 143 # of Legends: 18 # of Titans: 25 # of Champions: 7 # of trophies the 50th member is on: 3871 So there is plenty of room for improvement. Should smash into the top 100 and could beat our global ranking of 55

I will give an update every couple of weeks. I'll give details about a Gem giveaway in my next Centum Push post. So whos in?!!! Push On, Rich

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