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Mars Rebranding

Hey everyone. Today I would like to announce you the official rebranding of Centum Mars to be our main entry level clan for TH7+. Their main purpose is to recruit any TH7 through TH9 forum & in game directs that we used to reject in the past due to not meeting Ludus/Gladius' requirements yet and train them in such a focus on offensive development both in base and war attack strategies before they will be ready and eligible to take on the farming and war challenges in Ludus or Gladius. We will revise their new role in the forum clan's chart / description and website really soon. Adult age 18+ will be required for new members to join after the rebranding but then the existing relatives and younger players within the clan will be exempted from the new regulations. They will be very grateful if you can also help to direct them qualified players you see in game but then will still need to notify them before send them in. The Founders have lots of faith that Mars will be more successful after rebranding, become the main part of supporting quality players for Ludus/Gladius and eventually to all the clans above. So please join me in supporting and wishing Turbo and his leadership team all the best with their new role within the family. Thank you. Best, Myst, Rop, Alesia, Scott and Bossmaster

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