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Centurions are expected to play by the following rules:


Fair Play: Centum strongly supports a Fair Play policy in wars. We do not cheat, we do not try to spy on our adversaries. Fair Play favours more fun in wars and respect of other clans.

Donations: Donate only what is requested, unless agreed with the player first. Fill the request below before requesting troops. Minimum donations is 1300 in a two week cycle, if you can not meet this requirement please explain your reasons to an elder.


Donations balance We have no donation ratio requirements, please request as often as you like. Cc troops can swing the result of a battle and bring you a fortune, learn to use your cc troops effectively, your clan will support you to win your battle and will help you to progress fast.


Visiting other Clans Please let an elder know if you are going to be paying a visit to another clan. We need all Clans to look at their best so it would be ideal if players paid visits just after the weekly stats are taken if at all possible.

Centurion Code of Arms

Attitude We have a mixed and international population. Disrespect to other members is not tolerated. We are a mature clan, childish behaviour will not be tolerated.


Absence If you are away from the game for over a week please post your absence on band. This will avoid the possibility of your being removed from the Clan due to supposed inactivity.


Eldership Don't ask to be made an Elder. We will have a maximum of 1 elder per 5 members. If you want to be considered, read the Elders guide and abide by all the suggestions there. Your contributions will be noticed and you will be considered when Elder position becomes available.


Language Our clan is an English speaking clan please only use English in clan chat.


Chat Keep the chat light and never personal. Be respectful of each other at all times. We do not tolerate sexism or prejudice of any kind.


Progress Centurions are expected to be active and progress fast, if you are away for any reason please let an elder know and put a post on Band.


Gemming This clan does not encourage gemming. We see gemming as a personal choice but excessive gemming and the use of gems for resources is not a sign of a good farmer. If in doubt please talk to an elder.

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