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Our Clans

The War Clans: Centum Testudo, Centum Centurae

Centum's war focused clans offer a unique opportunity for passionate warriors to develop their war potential. You will develop the essential war strategies and techniques to fight in competitive wars including Arranged Wars with other clans. 

Member of the Fair Play Community (FPC) alliance, Centum organises some regular Arranged Wars with other war clans as well as frequent civil wars where fun matches the thrill to flatten your best friends.

Farm Wars:  Centum Aquila, Centum Centuria, Centum Mars

At Centum Aquila, Centuria and Mars we offer back-to-back farm wars and are an official member of the FWA or Farm War Alliance.  This is a large group of farming clans, currently over 250, who all search at the same time and have a high success rate of match-ups with each other. Of course this takes a fair bit of organizing and each clan sends delegates who communicate with each other behind the scenes, maintaining regular contact to ensure the smooth running of the wars.

Community Clans:  Centum Centurae and Centum Nexus

Centurae is the original clan in Centum. It contains many players that have been with us for years. They are a clan comprising almost all GG billionaires. Centurae players are elite farmers that are also brutal in War. If you want to mix it with some of the best players in Centum, Centurae is where you’ll find them. (REQ TH12 ONLY, Lvl 110 heroes combined, 100% lvl 11 walls, Gold Grab 1.5 Bil, Heroic Heist 10 Mil)

If you are in for some playful banter, can take a joke and love a mix between farming and stress free wars Nexus is the place for you. (REQ Lvl 40+ Heroes combined, 100% lvl 9 walls)

Dark Farming Clans:  Centum Hades and Centum Cerberus

Cerberus and Hades are clans concentrating on the dark arts, namely farming DE and rapidly upgrading heroes.

But they are not just  DE farming clans ... they are clans that allow members to also focus on some of the most crucial aspects of the game today without the pressure that has taken away some of the enjoyment of playing this wonderful game. Hades members may opt to farm, push for trophies or war as they choose without pressure.

Training and Trial Clans:  Centum Ludus , Centum Gladius

Ludus and Gladius are Centum's trial clans, with 10 trials to pass to help players learn & master the basics of Farming & War.

Centum CWL Clan : Centum Arena

Centum Arena will be the host for CWL (Clan War League) exclusive to Centum members. It will host arranged wars with other clans whenever possible, as well as the occasional casual wars. Centum will utilize the clan to practice war or farming attacks, other Centum clans can challenge Arena for a 5 v 5 or a 10 v 10 to further enhance their skills.

Resting Clan:  Centum Tavern

Centum Tavern is a clan for those that are taking a break from the game. 

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