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Graduate Reviews

06 Mar 2017


This clan has been great. Awesome people, always helping out, and lots of donations. The trials were super fun and something I was not expecting. I learned a lot more than I thought I would by doing the trials. Also, the people would always help you out if you needed it, and it made my experience with this clan wonderful. I cannot recommend the Centum clans enough.
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06 Mar 2017


A new adventure!
This was a new kind of experience. The trials were cool, but at the same time, really helpful. They teach you different kind of farming techniques. With the new knowledge I gained, I farmed 3.3 million gold in an hour, which was awesome. Everyone is very friendly and affable. They'll help you, you just need to ask for their help. And, everyone is ready to donate. I never had a request hanging there, for more than 30 minutes(max). Most of the time, they're filled at the earliest. It's a clan of mature, experienced people. Everyone must give it a go, it might make you a better player.

06 Mar 2017


I was in a clan before that would cower under the sheer awesome of this one. There is a sense of family here and the enthusiasm of the members makes the game enjoyable. The members literally compete to donate troops which is a refreshing change to someone who has played in a less active clan. The trials are creative and fun for the most part and require technique and dedication to accomplish. I will say that for anyone over Master League, the specific troop farming trials should be changed to something more relevant to farming at that level as the loot you gain by winning is much more beneficial than simply looting the mines. Never the less This is what being in a clan should be like and I am honored to be a part of this force of clash.

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