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Gold Rush Tips

Gold rushing started around February 2014 when a group of players decided to measure the hourly profit from a series of raids. They competed against each other raising the bar each time and sharing what they learned. This tradition has been upheld here and this latest rush technique is to follow.


Using a BAM or BAG army target inactive bases. These bases are basically dead, no gold has been collected and it just sits in the mines waiting for you to pick it up. Nice in theory but how do you get to it?


The answer is to look for the signs of inactivity, tombstones, all builders asleep, dense overgrowth, trees, bushes, etc. No gold in stores or elixir in pumps. With all these signs this base has been raided, all gold taken and has respawned after the shield has expired. All you need to do is extract the gold in the most efficient way possible then find another.

Aim for bases with 150k gold plus showing but wil all these signs. Take the gold from the mines using a BAG approach. You will get to know the best combination of troops for each different type of mine.


Outside Mines


For these use 2/3 barbs following by 1/2 archers then 1/2 goblins.

The Barbs go in first and shield, the archers step back and shoot, the goblins rush in and hit the mines as the barbs arrive and archers fire. The mine explodes with all 3 forces hitting at once.


Walled Mines


You can either shield archers with barbs at the front of the wall or do this together with minions (if you can spare the DE). Trigger mortar first with a stray barb if there is one in range. Same applies for outside mines.




You might need to search up to 50 times or more, depending on the time of day. Loot picks up rapidly at certain times of day normally when US players are sleeping or eating. Learn these times and use them to your advantage. Less players = less competition for these bases.


Number of troops/ lose most of the time


Use no more than 80 troops each raid. If mines are tough give up. Only win if the TH is outside or 50% is really easy. You need to think about getting the highest average in gold per troop. That's normally from the easy mines at the start. So if they mine is tough to get to then bail and use the remaining army on the next target.


Test mines


Always send in a few troops to test what you believe to be an inactive mine. If it yeilds 1/6th of the gold showing or close to that then attack the other mines. If it doesn't bail and find another base. Don't throw good troops after bad!


Regenerate troops/ number of raids


Always remember to keep making more troops. You will be amazed at the number of raids you can achieve using this method. It's entirely possible to raid up to 15/20 times and the Clan record is 3.44m.


Finally good luck with the rush and ask any Elder for help if struggling!



“Centum has taken Clash of Clans to a new level”

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