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Introduction trials


G1: Let Us Welcome You to Centum ARENA!

G1-A - And So It Begins!

Within 24 hours of joining Centum ARENA, take a screenshot of your player profile showing your Gold Grab and War Stars and current Trophy Count.

G1-B - Let Us Get to Know You

In the Gladius Members Band*, tell us a little about yourself! Please include the following and anything else we should know:

  • Your Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Something fun, interesting or unique about yourself

  • A clash phobia (so we can help fix it!)

*Please Note: this is the only post when you first begin that should be made on the ARENA Members Board.


G1-C - It’s All About That Base


Post a screenshot of your WAR BASE.


  • Click on your Clan Castle before taking screenshot to show us if it’s centralized or lure-able

  • Give your war weight with your post

  • Screenshot each war base that you currently have ready to use


To receive advice, post your bases on the ARENA Trials Band. It's always recommended to put your war base up for FC in game, asking your clanmates to try at least 3 different attack combos against you (air attacks, ground, QW, etc.)


Get Ready to War!

(This is not a challenge for you to have to post but these are requirements for all ARENA members)


  1. Never use a “troll” base or “fake/fun” war base. Ever.

  2. Make sure you are requesting specific troops to fill your war castles

  3. Join Clasktrack: Sign up for, set up your profile and ask to join Centum Arena by inputting the code that will be given to you. Ask in game or on groupme for the code.

  4. Prior to attacking, note that as a trialist, all war attacks must be posted in groupme and approved first. If not, they will not count as part of your trials.

Call your bases prior (no stacked calls or calling an already called base) and update stars / percentages after each attack


Let the Games Begin!



Farming Trials


Trial #1 - F1: Magic Potion

Increase your elixir by 1,500,000 within ONE HOUR, including troop training costs.


  • Gem usage, in any form, is prohibited for this challenge.

  • No boosting of any kind is allowed.

  • The one hour will be based on upgrades within the game - something in the lab, a trap or building upgrade, etc. Shield timers are not allowed.

  • Going over one hour will result in a fail.

  • Any troop and spell combination is allowed.

To begin this trial:

  • Empty your Elixir Pumps and Clan Castle War Loot.

  • Take a screenshot of the ENTIRE base that shows both your gem and elixir count.

  • IMMEDIATELY take a second screenshot of the timer inside the lab, or a closeup of an upgrade that is under 24 hours remaining. (If nothing is available under 24 hours and your lab is not in use, consider upgrading a trap to begin.)

  • Before ONE HOUR is up, take two more screenshots as in steps 2 and 3 above.

  • Once all four screenshots have been taken and you have completed the trial, post them to the Arena Trials Board.

  • If your elixir storages are full or you don't have any upgrades left with a timer, please discuss with an Elder before beginning this trial.  Using any method of counting elixir other than the screenshots listed above requires prior approval from an Elder or above.

  • If you do not have any lab upgrades that can be done, and there are no upgrades under 24 hours, and there are no traps to upgrade, please discuss with an Elder before beginning this trial.  Using any method of counting time other than the screenshots listed above requires prior approval from an Elder or above.



Trial #2 - F2: Golden Child


  • Must attack a th8 and above for each of the 5 raids

  • Gain 350K+ gold on each of the five raids.

  • There will need to be five separate and unique raids to pass this trial and each raid will require a different troop composition.


Choose 5 of the 7 troop compositions below to use in this trial:

BAM - Barbarians, Archers & Minions

Your army must consist of at least 40 Barbarians, 40 Archers and 25 Minions including Clan Castle troops.

Giant/Wiz/Healers - Your army must consist of at least 10 giants, 12 wiz and 4 healers, including Clan Castle troops.


GoWiVa - Your army must consist of at least 1 golem, 10 valks and 8 wizards, including Clan Castle troops.


Loonion - Your army must consist of at least 10 Balloons and 20 Minions including Clan Castle troops.


Goblin Knife - Your army must consist of at least 10 giants, 30 archers, 4 wallbreakers and 75 goblins, including clan castle troops.


GiBarch - Your army must consist of at least 12 giants, 50 archers and 50 barbarians, including Clan Castle troops.


QW with GoHo - Your army must consist of at least 4 healers, 1 golem and 17 hogs, including Clan Castle troops.


To pass for a raid you must use all of the mentioned type and quantities for each, including the Clan Castle Troops. The remaining troops you train can be at your discretion.


You may use any spells for any of the raids.


Take screen shots of the end of the replay once the raid is completed to show gold obtained and troops used, labeling each as F2: 1 / 5, F2: 2 / 5, and so on, listing each troop comp with each.

Post all 5 screen shots to the Arena Trials Board once the trial is completed.



Trial #3 - F3: Triple Threat

Using an in game timer (lab upgrade, building or trap upgrade, etc) that shows minutes, get 400k gold, 400k elixir and 4k dark elixir in 40 minutes or less, using only 4 different troops and no more than 4 spells per raid (your choice of troop and spells). No heroes allowed.


Empty all collectors and treasury before starting challenge. No boosting allowed. Screenshots required: 1) home base shot showing cleared collectors and starting gold, elixir and dark elixir 2) shot of in game timer showing start time, 3) home base shot showing required increases in loot, 4) shot of in game timer showing end time.



Trial #4 - F4: Leaders’ Choice


Each month, Arena leadership will create a fun and unique challenge that will get you out of your comfort zone: maybe visit other Centum clans, maybe use a fun and unique troop comp, who knows? It's a surprise every month!



Trial #5 - F5 Push It Real Good


Increase your starting trophy count (from your G1-A screenshot posting) by the following:


Starting Trophy Count.                  Push to:

Less than 1599                                An increase of 600 trophies (min 2000; max 2099)

1600 - 1799                                     An increase of 500 trophies (min 2101; max 2299)

1800 - 1999                                     An increase of 400 trophies (min 2200; max 2399)

2000 - 2199                                     An increase of 300 trophies (min 2300; max 2499)

2200 - 2399.                                    An increase of 250 trophies (min 2450; max 2649)

2400 and above                              An increase of 200 trophies (min 2600; no max)



Improvement Trials


Trial #6 - I1:  Team Player


Donate and receive a minimum of 1000 troops (each). Post screenshot of your profile page showing your donations numbers.


Trial #7 - I2: Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out


Before you do Trial #10, leave Arena for at least 3 days, to visit one of the Centum clans: While there, engage in a minimum of 5 Friendly Challenges with 5 different people.


This promotes interaction and camaraderie between the Centum clans and allows you to observe how other clans operate, as well as watch others’ war skills.


Post at least 5 screenshots for this challenge: end of replay results screen showing different clanmates that you attacked.



War Training Trials


Trial #8 - W1: Train for excellence


In this trial,  you will need to get 70% or higher on 2 different bases by organizing some friendly challenges against clanmates. For each attack, use 2 different war strategies depending on your town hall level. So that's 4 successful attacks as a whole.


  1. Ground based war strategy : a kill squad composed of Golems or Valks or giants. Bowlers in the cc is a strong option. Hogs will act as the cleaning troop. Must use at least 10 hogs.


    2. Ground / Air Hybrid strategy: your main attack must consist of primarily air or ground troops, with at least 10 of the other type of troop as the cleaning troop.


Enemy cc needs to include : dragon,  Hound,  baby dragon, and / or  Valks. Make sure you ask you clanmate to request one of these in his cc for this trial.


Post screenshots of clanmate’s base prior to attack, screenshot when clanmate cc emerges and end of replay to show what what troops were used as well as how many stars obtained for each attack (total of 9 screenshots)


Any spells and heroes may be used.



Trial #9 - W2: Supporting the higher levels


This trial will demonstrate your ability to attack a higher town hall level, securing 2 stars and getting a good scouting.


Using a Friendly Challenge,  get 2 stars when attacking someone whose TH level is at least one above yours. You will need to focus on getting his town hall and a minimum of 50%.


Post screenshots of clanmate’s base prior to attack (to show TH level) and end of replay results.


Any troop combinations, any spells and both heroes may be used.


Trial #10 - W3 Show Us What You Got


This trial needs to be done last of all the trials.


You will now be evaluated on everything you have learned in Arena and the other Centum clans.


For at least one war attack, you will be graded and assigned the following point values on how well you plan and execute the following:


  1. Planning the Attack (skitch, troop comp, etc)

  2. Troop Deployment & Spell Usage (funnelling, placement, etc)

  3. Enemy CC Handling (lure, kill, etc)

  4. Execution of Plan


Grading will be as follows:


  • 2 points for Good

  • 1 point for Something Missing

  • 0 points for Bad


A total of 6 points is required for a Pass.


A replay of your war attack will be reviewed by at least 2 war examiners and an average of their scores will result in your final grade.


The Finish Line


G1-R - Take a Bow

After completing all of the above trials, please join the Centum Reviews Board and post your review of your trials and Arena experience.

Include the signature image at the bottom of this page in your post.

Copy the review of your experience onto the Arena Trials Board for approval and Graduation!

NOTE: You must wait for Elder approval to proceed to this trial.
            To Join the Arena Review Board,   Click here
Congratulations, you have mastered ARENA, home of the brave!

As a Arena Graduate you are now ready to take on the coaching of Centum Arena. To prepare for the next step in your ''TH Experience'' to Arena, contact Nospoon via a Private Message on DISCORD to be guided through your options!

All Progress on the trials can be found on the control sheet. Click here to view the control sheet.

Trial Preparation & Notes:
The trials begin the day you join the clan.
You will have 10 days to complete them.
Remember that all the Elders are here to help.
We all want you to succeed, so please ask in-game if you need clarification on anything at any time.
Trialists are expected to have heroes up during trials, and to opt in for all wars during the trial period.  Please discuss in advance with a co-leader if you need to opt out for any reason.
Trialists who miss any war attacks during their trials will automatically fail trials (but may retry trials with permission of a co-leader+).
During trials, trialists must post all attacks on DISCORD and receive Elder approval before attacking

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