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Welcome to Centuria FWA Farm Wars!

What are FWA Farm Wars?

Farm wars are set up to help players maximise their income while heroes are down or to offer a stress-free envronment in which to farm and increase loot.  They appeal to both regular warriors who want a brief hiatus from the pressures of war and also to die-hard farmers who want to increase their income for building.

At Centum Centuria we offer back-to-back farm wars and are an official member of the FWA or Farm War Alliance.  This is a large group of farming clans, currently over 250, who all search at the same time and have a high success rate of match-ups with each other. Of course this takes a fair bit of organising and each clan sends delegates who communicate with each other behind the scenes, maintaining regular contact to ensure the smooth running of the wars.

In order to be a member of the FWA each clan has to agree to abide by certain rules and regulations which generally make the farm wars more fun and easier for all involved.

These include basic farm war base design and rules about winning and losing.   All rules are there simply to make sure the farm wars run as smoothly as possible with as little effort from all involved and help maintain a fun atmosphere while gaining that extra loot!

For more details on base design and rules specific to Centuria about farm wars, please see our dedicated tab from the menu at the top.

For more details of FWA please click on the red button below to go to the main FWA website:

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