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Centum Centuria

Farm War Base Design & Rules

At Centuria we ask all new applicants to have an FWA compliant base set up and ready for approval by our leadership team within 24 hours of joining.  

Please read the following guide to base design and then post a screen shot of your base in our Group ME chat group. One of the leadership team will help and advise you on any questions you might have, and then approve you for inclusion in the next available farm war start. 

All bases MUST BE FWA compliant.  We advise you to copy the appropriate TH design below exactly, except for the walls which are open to individual design should you wish.  NB If you chose to design your own middle wall section, all traps must still be fully closed by walls.  And must not affect deployment of troops near the main defence zone.  This can save a lot of time and effort on everyone's part!

The FWA are quite strict on compliance.  Failure to comply to their rules could result in penalties, or having to forfeit wins - or even being removed from the alliance all together.

The general base design from the FWA with summary explanations is shown here:

Centuria Farm War Rules

Farm Wars are started according to confidential times given by the FWA to their approved representatives.  Wins and losses are decided by a lottery system, where each war has a designated high or low sync rating.  This determines whether the war is a win, loss or draw depending on the clan tags.  

In Centuria we use this system:

​1.  For a win, please hit your mirror for three stars and then hit an already hit base for loot.  

2.  For a loss,  two-star your mirror and then hit an already hit base for loot.  


Please note we like players to hit their mirror within the first 12 hours, so we can plan for clean-up accordingly.  If you know you might miss your hits, then please sit yourself out to allow someone else to get the loot.

Requests for stars instead of loot are determined on a case by case basis, and depending on the bases already hit.  Failure to comply to this system can result in a player being sat-out for the next war.  We are often over-subscribed as a clan, so make sure the next sit-out isn't you!

Rules for Sit-Outs


The FWA only run 40/40 wars.  This means we have to use a firm but fair system to decide which 40 players we can take each war.  The following rules are applied in descending order of priority.

1.  Missing both war hits.

2.  Deliberate infringement of starring mirror or wrong bases, eg not 100%-ing a mirror on a win and not using all troops.

3.  Missing second loot hit (another player would have been sat out for your spot and missed that loot that you didn't want).

4.  An alphabetic list.  


We don't use a donations record to decide players because unlike most other farm war clans we are part of a big family of clans.  Players often visit other Centum clans, especially Aquila our brother real war clan.  So until Clash brings in a fixed record each season, it would be too much extra work to keep track of individual donations.

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