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"Ad Astra Per Aspera"


The purpose of the Trials is to introduce efficient regular elixir farming strategies, introductory DE farming strategies, and  (optionally) basic clan war protocol. We hope you find the Trials challenging, fun , and instructive.

All Progress on the trials can be found on the control sheet. Click here to view the control sheet.

Trial Preparation & Notes:

1. The challenges must be completed within 7 days of starting.

2. All screenshots, with the exception of #1, are to be posted in a Ludus Discord Trials channel assigned to you. Look at existing posts from other trialists if you are unsure.

3. Please complete Challenge #1 as soon as you join.

4. Apart from having to do Challenge #1 first and Challenge #10 last, the other challenges can be done in any order.  We do recommend spending the time to read ALL of the challenges and ask questions before jumping in. 

5. When posting your screenshots, always mention the challenge number.

6. When in doubt, please consult an elder in game or look at how other trialists have done it.

7. After passing the Ludus trials, you are qualified to progress to the Gladius war Trials or to one of the 3 Centum FWA clans. Work with an elder to arrange the move to make sure the clan you would like to move to has space for you.

8.  The use of of any mod app or program is strictly forbidden.  If you have a program installed, uninstall the app before any challenges are done.  Use is considered a bannable offense, meaning you will never be allowed to enter ANY Centum Clan.  If you have any questions, consult with an elder.

You will be expected to download/join the following application 

  • Download Discord via the iOS app store/Google Play Store or sign up from their websites.

  • For the duration of the Trials, please have your Discord account name match your game name.

Optional tools if you want to war with Ludus

  • Our Ludus war lounge channel is available to post questions about attack strategy.


Passing Trials:

  • All trial screenshots, unless specified otherwise, should be posted to an assigned Trials channel.

  • When posting trial screenshots mention which trial you passed in the title. 

  • If you do not receive a response after 24 hours, please consult an Elder in-game.


Reading the Rules:

  • Please refer to our welcome message pinned in the Ludus lounge for info about everyday activity within the clan.

  • Before participating in war, refer to the Clan War Guidelines pinned at the top of our war lounge channel. 


Challenge #L1-A1 Post starting gold grab and FIN



Start your trials by posting in your assigned channel a screenshot of your profile page and saying “Hi, this is challenge #L1-A1”


This is to record your starting Gold Grab score.

At the end of 7 days, you want to have at least 10m more. (See Challenge #8)

Please also include a screen shot of your Friend in Need (Donations).  We can use this screen shot in case the end of season resets your donations for Challenge #9.


Challenge #L1-A2 - Introducing Yourself


Get to meet everyone!

Post a brief introduction in your assigned channel. In addition, place a copy in the Ludus Lounge channel. Please include: 


i. Your name

ii. Your age

iii. Where you're from

iv. Something about yourself that you'd like to share & a clash phobia (so we can fix it!) 

Challenge #L1-A3 - Optional Call to Arms


War is optional in Ludus. You can opt in or out using the "Clan War" toggle on your profile page.  If you opt in and your badge is green, we expect you to be ready for war and complete BOTH your attacks in a timely fashion.  Bases at the bottom of the war map should complete BOTH attacks in the first 12 hours of the war. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action.

Centum Ludus uses 2 tools for war.

We use the in-game base reservation system. Please reserve only 1 base at time and for only a few hours. 


We also use our discord war lounge to socialize and get help for war attack.  Again you will sign up for a free account on discord using the link below:


To complete challenge part A3, post that you have read and understand the Ludus War Guidelines pinned at the top the Ludus Discord war lounge channel. Again, this is an optional trial that is needed only if you plan on joining us in war.

Challenge #L1-B Post your base pic, get suggestions



Post a screenshot of your base in your assigned Trials channel and a copy in the Ludus Lounge. Ask for opinions on how to improve your  design.

 Some helpful resources are listed here (page in progress!)



Get some ideas on improving your base, and inspire others!

Don’t forget that you can always check your trial progress on our control sheet!


                                                                            "FARMING" Trials

Challenge #L2 Piece of Funnel Cake


Create a successful funnel into the core of a base, of equal or higher Town Hall level, and destroy Town Hall or DE Storage! 

Town Hall or DE storage must be behind at least 2 layers of walls.

This can be done in a friendly challenge, a war attack or in a multi-player battle.  You must complete 3 seperate attacks, using a different troop composition for each one.  Your options are:

Goblin Knife (your army must consist of at least 80 goblins & 10 giants), using only jump or rage spells(only 2 spells allowed). Heroes allowed.

Gowiva (your army must consist of at least 2 golems & 10 valks), using only four quake spells(no others). Heroes not allowed.

Gowipe (your army must consist of at least 2 golem & 2 pekkas), using only four quake spells(no others). Heroes not allowed.

Gibarch (your army must consist of at least 8 giants, 50 barbs & 50 archers), using any combo of two spells (4 slots where DE spells count for 1 slot and elixir spells count for 2 - except clone which counts for 4). Heroes allowed.



Please note: A Maximum of 2 spells (4 slots) for each of the 3 funnels are allowed.
For all of these compositions, clan castle troops and remaining troops can be any of your choice.

3 Screenshots must be taken for each funnel attempt: 

1) Beginning of raid to get start troop counts 
2) Creation of funnel,
3) Destroyed TH or DE Storage showing troops & spells deployed to meet the requirements

Only post one attempt at a time please!


Learning to funnel is an essential skill for all forms of clash (farming, war, etc).  This trial will help you understand how several troops interact to create the funnel to direct other troops to direct to a specific target to be destroyed


Challenge #L3 Gold Rush

To get 1.5m or more gold in an hour without gemming. Check here for a few tips by Vex!

- Timer will be based on timer in lab upgrades
- Going over the hour will be grounds for a disqualification (DQ)
- Using boosted barracks, spell factory, heroes or mines during the Gold Rush is not allowed
- Gem count must not change during the Gold Rush
- Selling decorations is not allowed
- Collect/Empty your goldmines and also Clan castle for war loot before the first screenshot
- Do NOT cancel any upgrades in your base during gold rush

- Any attempt to get gold outside of the intended scope of this trial will be grounds for disqualification

Also, make sure when you start, you have room in storages to get more than 1.5m gold.  If you get really desperate to lower your gold stores, consider buying and selling decorations (buy at 100%, sell at 10% cost)


a) Empty gold mines and clan castle for loot
b) Take a screenshot of your ENTIRE base (must show CC, barracks, mines) at the start that shows your gem and gold count 
c) Immediately take a second screenshot of the timer inside lab upgrades.  If you can't have something upgrading in your lab, you can find a current upgrade that has more than 1 hour but less than 24 hrs (so it shows the number of minutes).  replace the lab timer screen shot with a closeup of the timer above the upgrade.  FYI, if nothing upgrading less than 24 hour, consider upgrading bombs and traps.

- Before one hour is up take a screenshot showing of ENTIRE base and lab timer again as in steps B and C
- Please don't remove obstacles during the Gold Rush 



Challenge #L4 Robin Hood Raid



Get more than 300k Gold in a single raid.



Post a screenshot of the battle end screen as proof.  Please make sure you capture the end screen of replay (which captures the ign), not the actual raid end screen.



Challenge #L5 Rage Against Dark!



Gain more than 1000 DE in a single raid using Rage.



- Rage Spell and/or Barbarian King level 5 or higher must be used.

- Lightning Spells are not allowed.

- Healing Spells are allowed.



Post a screenshot of the battle end screen as proof.  Please make sure you capture the end screen of replay (which captures the ign), not the actual raid end screen.



Challenge #L6 Rob Da Guard



Get 5 raids which each gain 150k gold or more solely from mines using different troop combinations as specified below.



After your raid, go to your battle logs and show the replay of the raid.  Take a screenshot at the very beginning of the raid of the entire base so graders can see where the gold mines and storages and the troops at the very start of the raid. Please take second screen at the point in the replay where you have collected 150k gold from the mines(destroying the mines based on the instructions for the raid), but gold storages are intact. Again, all gold storages must be visible in both screen shots.


Your five raids must meet the following troop combination and mine location criteria:


Raid 1: BAM - At least two of the destroyed mines must be behind a closed wall (can be in the same cell), raided by barbarians, archers and minions


Raid 2: Giant/WB - At least two of the destroyed mines must be behind a closed wall (can be the in same cell), raided by giants, wallbreakers and goblins (optional: healer, archers)


Raids 3-5: BAG - All destroyed mines can be outside the walls, raided with barbarians, archers and goblins (optional: wallbreakers).


For all raids, all of the required troop, types at least one of each must be be used  (Example, barbs and archers only with no goblins does NOT satisfy a BAG raid). No other troops types (except the optional ones) can be used. No spells or heroes can be used.  Be careful when requesting troops for the clan castle.  Clan castle may be used but it must include *ONLY* allowed troops for the raid.  If you deploy the clan castle, a 3rd screen of the end battle screen showing the troops in the clan castle must be included to verify only correct troops were used.  Also note, after the the second shot is taken, you may deploy whatever troops/spells/heroes you want to finish the raid.


Be sure to have the following in your post:

1) Three screenshots of the replay of each raid (Only 2 required if no clan castle deployed)

2) 150k+ gold, your name and clan name

3) Alll storages fully intact up to the point of the second screen shot



1) Save all screenshots(2 or 3) of each raid and post them as a group

a) Screenshot at the beginning of the replay where all mines and gold storages are still visible and intact

b) Screenshot of the replay at the point where 150k gold looted, mines are destroyed, but storages are intact

c) Screenshot of the battle end screen if the clan castle is deployed to verify the contents of the clan castle


2) Please number each post as 1/5, 2/5, etc.



Challenge#L7 Gold or DE



Raid a minimum of 200k gold or 2k dark elixir in 10 mins or less without gemming.



- Starting trophies must either be above 2000 or below 200.

- War loot can't be collected during the challenge.




Helpful Recommendations:


Note: We now discourage trialists from attempting this trial below 200.  Sub-200 was much more lucrative before the update that ensured you only saw bases +/-2 town hall levels from each other.  Now trying to drop trophies will give your severe clouding (long waiting periods between bases that make getting down to below 200 cups extremely difficult.

Also, we recommend you do this trial early in the trials because some of the trials will cause you to lose cups (Like gold rush) so it is better to complete this trial before dropping trophies

- Any combination of trophy range and farmed resource is ok. Eg. 2k dark elixir in sub in 10 mins will pass the challenge.

a) Empty gold mines, drills, and clan castle for loot
b) Take a screenshot of your ENTIRE base (must show CC, barracks, mines) at the start that shows your gem and gold count 
c) Immediately take a second screenshot of the timer inside lab upgrades

- Before 10 minutes is up take a screenshot showing of ENTIRE base and lab timer again as in steps B and C
- Please don't remove obstacles during this challenge

- Note: Intent is to follow the same procedure as gold rush(Challenge #3) format, except with the timer showing 10 mins apart instead of 1 hour.  Showing a single raid in the war log does NOT qualify.



Challenge #L8 Greedy S.O.B! 



Raid at least 10m gold by the end of your trial week.



Post a screenshot profile with your gold grab score increased 10m+ from Challenge #1A-1



Challenge #L9 Donations



Donate 500+ and receive 500+ by the end of your week.



- Please donate only according to what is requested! 

- Default donation is archers unless otherwise requested, or unfilled requests after 5 mins(Unless requester specifies to only fill with a particular troop or air only). 

- No ratio concerns in the clan. Request as often as needed. In fact, use it every 20 mins.

- Note, please take note during end of season when the donations are reset, you must take a screen shot of the clan that shows your donations in Ludus and submit 2 screen shots that sum up to 500 or more.  Or you can use the starting FIN screen shot in Challenge 1-A1 and a recent screen shot of your FIN as proof of 500 donations.



Post a screenshot(s) of your profile after receiving and donating 500+ each.


Challenge #L10 Review of the Trials



Write a review of your Centum Ludus Trials experience. Post it in your Trials channel.


Points you may want to include: 

1) Opinions of the trials

2) Farming experience 

3) Other notable experiences



1) Please write the review and include any ideas you might have on how we can improve the Trials Post it in your assigned Trials channel and include a screenshot of the Ludus Graduate banner found below.

Congratulations, you have mastered the farming trials of LUDUS! 

You are now qualified for the Gladius War Trials or for a Centum FWA clan.

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