The 10 Trials Of


In Centum Ludus, we have 10 challenges for certain new players focusing on resource farming. These challenges are intended to push players into using and mastering strategies in ways they may never have before.

Challenge #1:  Introduce Yourself



Let your new clanmates know who you are.

Challenge #2 Appnana - Help your fellow (clan) man!


Download the Appnana app to contribute to the Clan.

Challenge #3 Gold Rush

To get 1.25m or more gold in an hour without gemming. 

Challenge #L4 Robin Hood Raid



Get more than 300k Gold in a single raid.


Challenge #L5 Rage Against Dark!



Gain more than 1000 DE in a single raid using Rage.


Challenge #L6 Rob Da Guard



Complete 5 raids in which each gains 150k gold or more solely from mines using specific troop combinations.



Challenge#L7 Gold or DE



Raid a minimum of 200k gold or 2k dark elixir in 10 mins or less without gemming at specific trophy levels.



Challenge #L8 Greedy S.O.B! 



Raid at least 10m gold by the end of your trial week.



Challenge #L9 Donations



Donate 500+ and receive 500+ by the end of your week.


Challenge #10 Upload a signature and Write a Review


Upload a signature for the Supercell forums.  Write a review of your Centum experience. 


Once you have completed the 10 trials, you have mastered the farming trials of LUDUS! 

Centum Clans 2016

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