The 10 Trials of GLADIUS

All Progress on the trials can be found in Discord!!!

Why trials?  
Trials are designed to help build the fundamentals necessary to be successful in war.  They look to help develop and build experience for inexperienced, underdeveloped, or rushed players who have chosen the war path; and, or, players who are traditionally FWA or farmers who want to try out or transition to a war clan; or anyone who is simply looking to improve their war game without the high demand of a top tier war clan.  This is not to mean that you won’t be challenged!

Trial Preparation & Notes:

  • The trials begin the day you join the clan.

  • You will have 10 days to complete them.

PLEASE read through ALL trials before beginning!

  • You must complete G1 first and G10 last (starting G10 requires Elder approval); otherwise, trials may be completed in any order.  We do recommend starting G9 & G6 right after completing G1.

  • Remember that all leadership is here to help.

  • Your success insures our success, so please ask in-game if you need clarification on anything at any time or consult the “#gladius_trials_help” channel on Discord.

  • Trialists who miss ANY war attacks during their trials will automatically fail trials (a re-take is permissible with approval from a co-leader/leader).

  • Trialists must have all heroes up during trials and opt in for every war during their trial period.  Please discuss, in advance, with a co-leader if you need to opt out for any reason.

  • During trials, you must post all war strategies in “gladius _war_room” on Discord or in game and receive Elder approval before attacking in war, E.g. @nospoon (Gladius).

  • Applications and Tools used in Gladius:

  • We currently use the in game system for calling bases.

  • Download Discord via the iOS App store/Google Play Store, sign up from their website.

  • On Discord, sign up using your IGN first and clan second, E.g. nospoon (Gladius).  

  • Join the following by clicking on the icon:


Passing Trials:


  • Before you post your first trial ask leadership which Gladius trialist channel you should post to.  All screenshots will be posted on your assigned Discord channel.

  • When posting trial screenshots, be sure to include which trial you passed in the title.

  • When posting multiple screenshots related to the same trial, be sure to post them together.

  • If you do not receive a response after 24 hours, please consult an Elder.

Here in Gladius we have 4 different types of trials: "Introduction", "Farming", "War" and "Improvement"





 Challenge G1: Welcome to Gladius !!!


Challenge G1(a) - Tell Us You're Starting! 

  • Within 24 hours of joining take screenshots of your player profile and War Hero achievements.

  • Post these screenshots to the Gladius Trials Board with the comment: "I'm starting my trials!"

Challenge G1(b) - Introducing Yourself

 On the Gladius Members Discord Channel post a brief introduction including:

  • Your Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Something about yourself

  • A clash phobia (so we can fix it!)

  • If you could be any troop, what would you be and why?

*Please Note: this is the only trial post that should be made in “#gladius_lounge” all other trial posts should be made on your assigned trials channel, except G10.


Challenge G2: Prepare Yourself


Challenge G2(a) - Will it Stand?

  • During your first Preparation Day as an Gladius member, edit your War Base to include:

  • A centralized and not easily lured clan castle.

  • Centralized heroes

  • It is also strongly suggested you take the placement of certain traps and defenses into account.

Giant Bomb:  these should be placed in pairs with multiple possible locations around your base as to make their exact location difficult to determine by the enemy. In pairs these traps, all but, kill a pack of hogs and severely damage bowlers.

Air Defenses:  these defenses should be placed, at least, within the second layer of the base to keep attackers from quickly disposing of them and leaving your base vulnerable to a air attacks.

Hidden Teslas:  well placed hidden teslas can wreck an enemies raid by ruining a Queen walk, leading golems astray or preventing a three star on the back end of a base.

Ask for any further advice on “#gladius_trials_help,” by posting a screenshot of your base.

After your base has been edited to meet the above requirements, post a screenshot of the saved base with the clan castle selected and its range visible, to your assigned trials channel.


Challenge G2(b) - Rally the Troops!

During your first Preparation Day, as a Gladius member, ask around for recommendations on War Clan Castle troops.  You may look at other requests of long time members and graduates to see what is the current best troop composition for your town hall.  It is best to include at least one high HP troop.
Troop Highlights:
Dragons:  high HP means it can't be taken out by a lightning or poison spell and it does splash damage to both air and ground targets.
Balloons:  high DPS and flying makes this troop effective against slower moving ground raids, but not recommended for bases attacked frequently by air raids.
Lava Hound:  has very high HP that becomes a great distraction for the enemies Archer Queen and does decent damage when it pops and the pups are released. Not recommended for high TH9's, as raiders can completely ignore it, seeing as, the Hound has extremely low DPS.
Witches:  are relentless in ruining Queen walks or distracting troops without splash damage, but easily spoiled with a well placed poison.
Baby Dragons:  have high DPS when no other air troop is present and are not easily dispatched with poison.  But not recommended with other air troops, because they lose their tantrum ability.
Ice Golems:  are invaluable with their freeze ability, but should be paired with a high DPS troops.
Goblins: That’s right, Goblins!  They are a good fill troop for 1-3 slots.  They are fast and can panic an inexperienced attacker into a misplaced poison spell.
To finalize this trial, post a screenshot of the War Map with your base selected and troop request visible to your assigned trials channel.


Challenge G2(c) - Read and Understood!

Read all clan/war rules and expectations in “#gladius-clan-rules.”
Read through all expectations, then take a screenshot of the bottom post and post to your assigned trials channel with the quote “Read and Understood!”
All war attacks for trialists must be approved before attacking by an Elder or Co.  Any attack without approval will not count towards the war trials.
Post your target in “gladius_war_room” for advice and approval.  You may also do this in game. We are currently using the in game system for base calling.


Challenge G2(d) - Heavy Weights!

Your war weight determines your position on the war map and helps determine clan matchups in clan wars.  War weight is based on gold-based upgrades and hero levels.
War weights ranges from 0 for TH1 to around 120 for max TH12.  Typical war weights for Gladius are between 50 - 100.
Each defensive building level adds a different amount to your war weight.
Because your war weight determines your position on the war map, war-focused players should undertake defensive upgrades very cautiously, as they both move you up the war map and increase the level of opponent the clan faces.
As a result, we strongly encourage the TH8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 strategy — where offensive upgrades are undertaken before the majority of defensive upgrades (NOT to be confused with engineered bases).  
It should be noted that X-Bow, Inferno Tower and Eagle Artillery have the highest WW of any defensive buildings, and should only be built only once you are certain you are ready to move up the war map.


Calculating War Weight:

  • The easiest way is through a Friendly Challenge, Battle Day or war defensive replay. You or a clan mate can click on any gold storage or your Town Hall.  The sum of these divided by 1000 is your war weight.

  • If all of your gold storages are the same level, you may look at the level of gold in one storage and multiply by 5 (4 storages + TH). E.g. 16,800 x 5 = 84,000 / 1000 = 84 WW.


Determine your WW and then post your war weight to your assigned trials channel with the following, "My war weight is X.”  Include a screenshot of the method you used to calculate your war weight. It can be the info screen of a gold storage, a friendly challenge or a screenshot of the start of a defensive replay.


"FARMING" Trials

I thought I joined a WAR clan?!?  Read on...


Challenge G3: Why Lix?

​As a farmer you focus on defences to protect your loot; but, as a warrior you must build your offensive troops and spells!
Collect 1,250,000 Elixir within ONE HOUR including troop training costs.
Magic items, Gem usage, Boosted Barracks, Spell Factory, or Mines are prohibited for this challenge.
To begin this trial:
1.  Empty your Elixir Pumps and Clan Castle War Loot.
2.  Take a screenshot of your magic items screen in your CC.  If you have a rune of elixir, a second screenshot of this screen will be needed at the end of the hour.
3. Take a screenshot of the ENTIRE base that shows both your gem and elixir count.
4.  IMMEDIATELY take a third screenshot of the timer inside your lab, or a closeup of an upgrade that is under 24 hours.
5.  Before ONE HOUR is up, take two more screenshots as in steps 3 and 4 above.
Once all four (or five if you have an elixir rune) screenshots have been taken and you have completed the trial, post them to your assigned trials channel.
If your elixir storages are full or you don't have any upgrades left with a timer, please discuss with an Elder before beginning this trial.


Challenge G4: A Real Hero

​So now that you are building a strong offense, you must have strong heroes!  And those heroes are thirsty for Dark Elixir.
Raid 3 separate villages for Dark Elixir.  TH8s must raid for 1500 each raid; TH9, 2000; TH10, 3000; & TH11, 4000 each raid.
You may use any troop composition, but no magic items!
Post the 3 screenshots of the completed raids to your assigned trials channel.



Challenge G5: Golden Towers

​Once you get your offense up, you’ll need a good defence and with war loot alone it will take forever to upgrade those some farming will be required.

Gain 300k+ gold on each of three separate raids.
Each raid will require a separate troop composition from below, using ONLY the troops listed.
Minimum number of each troop:
BAM — 50 Barbarians, 50 Archers and 25 Minions.  Optional Wall Breakers.
BAG — 40 Barbarians, 40 Archers and 70 Goblins.  Optional Wall Breakers.
GiGob/Goblin knife — 12 Giants, 12 Wallbreakers and 70 Goblins.
Loonion — 20 Balloons and 25 Minions.
Also recommend (TH10 and up):
Babyloon(ian) — 8 baby dragons and 15 loons.  Optional minions.
To pass a raid you must use all of the required troops.
You may not use your Heroes during these raids.
You may not use magic items.
You may use only four spell slots per raid, E.g. Two rage or four haste...etc.
You may use Clan Castle, but must be required troops.
Take screen shots at the end battle screen or the end of the replay once the raid is completed.
Once you have completed the trial, post all 3 screenshots together on your assigned trials channel.



"WAR" Trials

Any missed war attacks during the trial period will result in a kick from the clan.


Challenge G6: Star Search 

  • NOTE:  You should start this trial immediately after completing trial G1.
    You must gain at least one ⭐️⭐️⭐️ and two ⭐️⭐️ attacks in three separate wars, using three separate attack strategies, on your same TH level or higher.
    Only attacks approved by an Elder, in advance, will count toward this trial.
    The following are only some of the suggested strategies, be sure to consult leadership for the latest, most successful META for your town hall.  Remember this game is constantly changing with each update. Our objective is to help you feel comfortable using many different troops types.
    Remember all strategies are listed in order of troop placement!

    List of suggested strategies:
    Ground Strategies.
    Your army should consist of at least:
    GoWi — 2 Golems, and 10 Wizards
    GoWitch — 3 Golems, and 10 Witches.
    GoBoWi — 2 Golems, 15 Bowlers, 8 Witches.
    GoWiVa -– 1 Golem, 10 Wizards and 10 Valks
    GoHo -– 1 Golem, 10 Wizards and 10 Hogs.
    GoWiVaHo — 1 Golem, 10 Wizards, 8 Valks and 5 Hogs.
    GoVaHo — 1 Golem, 8 Valks and 10 Hogs.
    GoWiWi — 1 Golem, 4 Witches, and 10 Wizards.
    GoVaPe — 1 Golem, 6 Valkyries, 2 Pekkas,
    GoWiPe — 1 Golem, 2 PEKKA's, and 10 Wizards.
    GoWiWiVa — 1 Golem, 10 Wizards, 3 Witches, 8 Valks.
    HGHB — 4 Healers, 10 Giants, 10 Hogs, 4 Bowlers.
    HPHB — 4 Healers, 2-3 PEKKA, 10 Hogs, 4 Bowlers.
    Mass Valks — 2 Golems/10 Giants, 6 Wizards, 12 Valks.
    Mass Miners — 25 Miners.
    *Many of the above strategies can substitute giants for golems.

    Air Attacks.
    Your army should consist of at least:
    LaLoon — 2 Lava Hounds, 20 Loons.
    Lavaloonian — 2 Lava Hounds, 20 Loons and 10 minions.
    Quad/PentaLavaLoon — 4 or 5 Lava Hounds and 10 Loons.
    DragLoon — 6 dragons and 5 Loons.
    Hybrid Air Attack.
    With a hybrid attack, air troops typically make up 50-70% of your army composition.
    Your army should consist of at least:
    GoVaLoon — 1 Golem, 5 Valks, 20 Loons.
    GoLaLoon -– 1 Golem, 2 Lava Hounds, 20 loons.
    GoBoLaLoon — 1 Golem, 4-5 Bowlers, 1-2 Lava Hound(s), 15 Loons.
    Passing & Posting Requirement:
    No magic items are allowed.
    Your three attacks for this trial must be made in three separate Clan Wars within the trial period.
    A total of six screenshots are required to pass this trial. For each attack, take one screenshot of the intact base to verify the Town Hall level and the other at the end battle screen to show the result of the attack.
    Post all six screenshots to your assigned trials channel.

Challenge G7(a): Maximum Effort!

​If you are TH8 please drop down to “G7 (alternate)” challenge.  TH9 with Archer Queen level 1-9 may use a Hero Potion or do the alternate trial.
Queen Walk is an invaluable strategy that can be used with almost any composition.  Any warrior worth his metal, has this strategy in his arsenal.
Objective:  Walk your Queen as long as possible, but she MUST stay alive for the MINIMUM time mentioned below!
Archer Queen level 10-20:  30 seconds.
Archer Queen level 21-30:  45 seconds.
Archer Queen level 31-40:  1 minute.
Archer Queen level 41-50:  1 minute, 15 seconds.
Archer Queen level 51-60:  1 minute, 30 seconds.
Your army must consist of:
5 healers, 6-12 wall Breakers, 3 rages; 1 poison and 1 freeze are optional.  You are allowed 20 troop spaces to guide your Queen. Baby dragons/Loons are recommended.
No magic items are allowed.
Consider dropping a loon or minion before dropping healers to find seeking air mines.
Consider raging Queen and healers when confronted with CC troops, high level heroes, or multiple point defenses.
To complete this challenge, you must attack a base of the same TH level or higher.  Raids and Friendly Challenges are both acceptable, however, it must NOT be a “dead base.”
You must then post three screenshots to your assigned channel.  One of the intact base, one when you hit your minimum time, and one when your Archer Queen finally falls in battle.


 Challenge G7(b): Supercharged!

Just like Queen Walk, Super Queen or Queen Charge, is a valuable composition. While, Queen walk, typically goes around a portion of the base, Queen Charge or Super Queen dives her into a base.  The idea is to take out key components so the remainder of the attack succeeds.
Your objective is to funnel your Archer Queen into an enemy base and destroy one of the following options:
Enemy Town Hall
Two Air Defenses
Xbow (TH9 only)
Inferno Tower (TH10+)
Eagle (TH10+)
One of the above options must be located behind two layers of walls and not within Queens range from the outside of the base.
Your army must consist of:
5 Healers, 6-12 Wall Breakers, & 3 rages; 1 poison and 1 freeze are optional. You are allowed 30 troop spaces to funnel your Queen.
Consider dropping a loon or minion before dropping healers to find seeking air mines.
Consider raging Queen and healers when confronted with CC troops, high level heroes, or multiple point defenses.
To complete this challenge, you must attack a base of the same TH level or higher.  Raids and Friendly Challenges are both acceptable, however, it MUST not be a “dead base.”
You must then post two screenshots to your assigned channel; first, of the intact base, before your raid begins; second, when you have destroyed one of the above objectives.

 Challenge G7(alternate): School of Funny Walks!

*Only for trialists who are TH8, or TH9, with no Archer Queen or Archer Queen levels 1-9.
We recommend you go back and do “maximum effort” and “supercharged” once your Queen has leveled up.
This trial is to help prepare you for Queen walk/charge, as well as, help your understand the fundamentals of healers interactions with troops.
Your objective it to get 2 stars using one of the following troop compositions, although, 3 stars are very possible.
These are the minimum troops:

HGHB — 4 Healers, 10-12 Giants, 10 Hogs (or more), 4 bowlers, 4-6 Wizards, Wall Breakers (optional), 1 rage, 2 heal, 1 poison.
HPHB — 4 Healers, 2-3 PEKKA, 10 Hogs (or more), 4 Bowlers, 4-6 Wizards, Wall Breakers (optional), 1 rage, 2 heal, 1 poison.

Challenge G8: Overachiever!

In war there are many times you will be called upon to “two star” a higher base, and when a TH9 can “two star” a TH10, 11 or even TH12 that is very valuable!  (And yes it can be done).
But don’t worry just yet.  Your objective is to “two star” just one TH level above your own.
This may be completed on any Friendly Challenge or raid.  NO dead bases or ongoing defensive upgrades and NO rushed bases that will make it too easy.
Use any composition you like, in fact be creative.  Many times 15-25% of a base can be “sniped,” using minions, Archers, or Baby Dragons.  Be sure to consult with others for creative solutions.
Post a screenshot of the beginning of the attack and the end screen and post to your assigned trials channel.



 Challenge G9: Community Fellow!


A happy clan is an active clan & teamwork is paramount!
Donate a minimum of 1200 troops and receive 1200 troops during your 10 trial days.  
Once you have the above requirements completed, post a screenshot of your player profile to your assigned trials channel.  If a season has reset during your trial period you may post two screenshots of the two separate season totals.



Challenge G10 - Stand Proud

​NOTE: You must wait for Elder approval to proceed to this trial.
After completing all of the above trials, please post a review of your trials experience in “#announcements” channel.  Be sure to include, @everyone, in your post.
You will need to include the signature image at the bottom of this page in your post.  Copy the review of your experience onto the “#gladius_graduate_reviews” for approval and Graduation!



Congratulations, you have conquered the Gladius trials!!!


As a Gladius Graduate you are now ready to take on the challenges that our top war clans have to offer. To prepare for the next step in your journey please contact leadership on Discord to be guided through your options!

Centum Clans 2016

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