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The 10 Trials Of


In Centum Arena, we have 10 challenges for certain new players looking to join the War Path. These challenges are intended to push players into using and mastering a variety of war and farming strategies.


Challenge 1: Arena Welcome


Let your new clanmates know who you are.


Challenge G2: Prepare Yourself


Take steps to prepare your base for war and familarize yourself with the Arena War Rules.

Challenge G3: Magic Potion



Collect 1,000,000 Elixir within ONE HOUR, including troop training costs.


Challenge G4: Golden Child



Gain 200k+ gold on each of three raids using different troop compositions.


Challenge G5: Dark Ninja



​Raid 5 separate villages for Dark Elixir.  TH8s must raid for 1500 each raid, TH9+ must raid for 2000 each raid.

Challenge G6: Stride Forth 


In 3 separate Clan Wars, you must achieve a successful attack using 3 different strategies, and must achieve at least one 3-star attack.


Challenge G7: Family Honour



​Support your clan's war efforts by participating in at least two wars during your 10 day trial period and attacking twice in both 


Challenge G8: Gold Star


Improve your Gold Grab achievement by 12 Million Gold in 10 Days.


Challenge G8b - Star Player



Gain stars for your War Hero achievement in 10 days

Challenge G9 - Community Fellow



Donate a minimum of 1200 troops and request a minimum of 1200 troops during your 10 trial days.


Challenge G10 - Stand Proud



Upload a signature for the Supercell forums.  Write a review of your Centum experience. 



Congratulations, you have mastered ARENA, home of the brave! 

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