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Testudo Challenges

We want to challenge warriors to develop your skills in a fun, friendly and competitive atmosphere!

The challenges listed below offer a creative and exciting way to bring a different element to the game!!!

Bring your best; do your best; be the best!

The challenges does not have a timeframe, however, the quicker you finish the challenges the better, because your name will be up in the leaderboard. The achievements will be recorded and posted on Discord. Once finished, you will be on the list of Personal Best of Centum, and yes the list of players that finishes the trials will be posted on our media channels and our PB band. This will be open to all Centum members as well, we will coordinate to each clan leadership regarding the judging and recording of the challenges if a member wants to try the challenges in their own clan and your more than welcome to visit Testudo as well if you want to do it here.


From Hell to Heaven

The player will visit hell,  a place hidden in the low levels where he will have no badge. He will report of his experience in hell (silver or bronze) (at least a screenshot) then travel to heaven (A minimum of Titan 3)


War Beast

The player will get a “6-pack” attacking adversaries of the same town hall for 1 attack and 1 TH level below.


Let's Rock!

The player will finish first in the Centum Testudo daily stats.


Across Centum

The player will do one war with another Centum clan.


Master of Patience

The player will get 3 stars on the same TH level 3 times using 3 different army types in a Friendly Challenge.



The player will participate to 12 wars in a row in Testudo, achieving no less than 48 stars.


Master of innovation and entertainment

The player will have to design a new fun trial that will be accepted by the Arena leadership team as the “fun trial of the month”


Solid as a rock

The player will join Clan War Leagues (1 season) and achieve a minimum of 14 stars for the duration of the 7 rounds.


Hall of fame

The player will achieve a Personal Best score getting him in the top 50 chart.


Defense against the Underworld

Create 3 war bases that will defend from 3 attacks using FC and must not be 3 or 2 starred from any first attack by a warrior


A call for arms

Help 3 fellow warriors during wars, from attack plan, to donation of war cc and finally to get a 3 star attack


Strive for Greatness

Create your own original army, and use it both in war and farming, must be able to show 3 or 2 stars for 6 attacks each (war and farm)

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