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War Attack Guidelines:


General War Rules


  • No sniping townhalls for ANY reason.

  • Remember to call and update your target on Clash Tools.

  • You may go outside your town hall range if that is the best way to pick up stars OR everything has been three starred within your townhall level. Approve this with an Elder or up before calling and attacking.

  • Practice makes perfect.

  • No troll bases will be allowed during Preparation Day.

  • Start your CC request for a Clan Wars attack with "Clan Wars: or CW: " followed by the troop(s) required. No other troops besides the requested ones are to be donated.




Preparation Day


  • During Preparation Day please check the friendly bases for troops to donate and fill those that you can cook. Spreading out this load throughout the clan can make the costs minimal for everyone.

  • Ensure your base is up to date and the best it can be. If you have been 3-Starred in the past war it is probably best to make modifications or find a new base completely.

  • Choose a base you think you can three star within your town hall range. As a general rule, look to go +/-5 for a base to hit first, but if you do not like the selection go outside of your range, preferably up than down.  Low Th9s will be cleaned up by our lower th9 members.

  • Check Clash Tools for free bases and call a base that you can successfully beat following the guidelines above.


Attacking Guidelines


  • Centum Testudo is a 3-star war clan. This means we expect th9 to pick a target that you know you can three star with an army composition that will get the job done. (eg. golava, hogo, hgh, queen-walk, etc).

  • At times, a two star army composistion will be needed. This includes gowipe and gowiwi. However, you MUST clear 2-star geared army compositions with leadership before using one!

  • While townhall 10 are encouraged to try for 3, it's obviously much harder and 2 star is the general expectation in war.

  • After a call is made, you have 5 hours to make your attack. After that the base will open back up to the rest of the clan to be called.

  • TH9 players need to attack early, within the first 12 hrs, to allow for clean up afterwards.





  • Bases that have been 0-starred should ideally be attacked first, unless already called by another player, followed by star upgrades.

  • We ask all attacks be used every war, no matter what the score is, to the best of your ability.

  • ***Any member who misses both attacks in war will be auto-opted out for the next two wars***

  • ***Any member who misses one attack in war will be auto-opted out for the next one war.***

  • An auto-opt out from the next 3 wars is the result of any of the following:

  1. Your Town Hall outside the war base when war starts.

  2. Attacking a target that has already been 3-starred without permission.

  3. Town hall sniping without permission (attacks where clearly a single star has been the goal, just for the loot gain).

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