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  • HERO UPGRADE: Do not participate in war if your AQ is Lv10 or higher and is upgrading.  You may participate if your BK is upgrading, or your AQ is <Lv10.

  • Sniping of town halls is not allowed.

  • The use of any mod or bot software is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from Gladius and all of Centum.​

  • To accommodate all our many European players, the war search will now be no later than 4:00pm CST (10:00pm UK).

  • Make sure your war castle request is specific. Do not make others guess at what best defends your base.


  • During the first 20 hours of battle preparation day, please fill the war CC below yours with only max troops and only with what is requested. The #1 base should be filled with max troops by the other top bases. If you have donated your max amount of troops, please ask in game for help topping off.



  • Gladius uses ClashTrack to manage war base calling.
    If you are new to warring with Gladius, join ClashTrack, setup your profile and join Centum Gladius by inputting the code provided to you by a member of the Gladius leadership team.

  • Make sure you call your base on ClashTrack BEFORE each attack.
    Trialists - call your base before planning your attack.

  • AFTER every attack, it is your responsibility to log onto ClashTrack and update your attack results.
    Select the number of stars you received, and if less than 3, add the percentage you obtained on the attack as well.

  • First calls are reserved for 8 hrs. Second Calls are reserved for 4 hours. Once your call expires, it is open for someone else to call and attack so be sure you can attack within the allotted times before calling a base.



When to attack:

1) TH8 attacks

  • All th8s are required to do both attacks in the first 12 hours of war. This will leave 12 hours for the higher bases to clean up and plan their own attacks.

2) TH9 attacks

  • All th9 are required to do both attacks in the first 16 hours of war. This will leave 8 hours for the higher bases to clean up and plan their own attacks.

3) TH10 & 11 attacks

  • These attacks should be held until the last 8 hours of war to determine where cleanup is most needed. Utilize these attacks to obtain the most accessible stars for the clan.




Never end attacks early. Get the highest percentage with each attack. If war ends in a tie, the tiebreaker is decided by the clan with the highest total destruction percentage.


Both attacks are to be used in war. If you miss one war attack, you will sit out of the next war. If you miss both war attacks, you will sit out the next 2 wars. Repeated offenders may be kicked.


When requesting for war troops, indicate by stating "Clan Wars: or CW: " followed by the specific troop(s) required. No other troops besides the requested ones are to be donated. Only maxed troops should be donated for war requests.


  • Trialists who miss any war attacks without prior approval will automatically fail trials.

  • Trialists must have BOTH heroes up during trials.

  • All trialists must put up detailed attack plans and have them approved in the War Room Groupme by an Elder or CoLeader before attacking.

A detailed attack plan consists of:
- Base you are intending to hit

- Troop Composition

- Troop deployment drawn out using a doodle program (Skitch, Ashampoo Snap, etc.)
- Detailed steps explaining the attack procedures




Rules on first attack and second attack


The general rule on first attack is to attack +/- 5 of your mirror.


On the second attack, be realistic: if you have 1*’d your mirror, it may not be wise to go 5 bases higher on your second. If you have 3*’d your first attack with flying colors and are confident of adding more stars on your second attack, then going outside of +/-5 range is allowed. Just do what is best for the clan in terms of adding the most stars. Also, on second attacks: before calling it, check how many clanmates below you have attacks pending. Be considerate and mindful of what bases they can attack. Part of winning wars is being able to work well as a team and it is important that we consider others by not going for 3 star glory on low bases that would then leave our lower level players with nothing to attack.


In all wars, bring your best and do your best. Support and encourage your clanmates. We always win and lose as a clan. We are Centum Gladius.

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