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Welcome to the gates of HELL!

Welcome to Centum Cerberus, home of the Hell Hounds. We are a DE Farming / Hero Upgrading clan in the Centum Group. All new members are kindly asked to do the following, to ensure stable communication throughout Cerberus and Centum as a whole:


BAND Communication


  • Download BAND via the iOS app store or sign up from the website.

  • Sign up using 'CERBERUS - " followed by your IGN (e.g. CERBERUS - Almighty).

  • We use BAND for communication with our members and other Centum clans.


Join the following Cerberus specific BAND boards:


Cerberus Members Board  - For Cerberus Member's info and announcements. 

Cerberus War Board       - A place to discuss war tactics for members


Once you are on these BANDs, post a brief introduction to the 'Centum Cerberus' board. Include your name, age, and something interesting about yourself. These aren't the trials, so just include whatever you want so that we can get to know you.


Cerberus Philosophy

At Cerberus we want people to:

1.  Attack without any judgement or pressure.  
2.  Feel like they can be themselves, be creative, build confidence.
3.  Be comfortable with and without heroes.
4.  Fight for each other, help the clan grow, if you don't get that extra star, help one of your team mates to get it.
5.  And most importantly...............have FUN!!!


General Centum Rules

Centurions are expected to play by the following rules.


If a player is in breach they will be warned (depending on the severity of the case) then kicked on a 2nd offence.


Modding/Botting/Cheat Software


Centum is a 100% fair play clan. Modding or cheating in ANY form is not acceptable and if you are caught using it you will be banned from the family immediately


Visiting other Clans


Please let an elder know if you are going to be paying a visit to another clan, or post on the members band.  We will hold your spot for 7 days so remember to be back earlier than that.




We have a mixed and international population. Disrespect to other members is not tolerated.

We are a mature clan, childish behaviour will not be tolerated.




If you are away from the game for over a week please post your absence on the Member band. This will avoid the possibility of your being removed from the Clan due to supposed inactivity.




Don't ask to be made an Elder. We will have a maximum of 1 elder per 5 members. If you want to be considered, read the Elders guide and abide by all the suggestions there. Your contributions will be noticed and you will be considered when Elder position becomes available.




Our clan is an English speaking clan please only use English in clan chat.




Keep the chat box light and never personal. Be respectful of each other at all times. We do not tolerate sexism or prejudice of any kind.




Centurions are expected to be active and progress fast, if you are away for any reason please let an elder know and put a post on members band. If you'd like to move up or down to another Clan please talk to Bench or any of the other Co-Leaders first. Movement upwards is preferred but it's on a voluntary basis.




As farmers we believe in upgrading all defences and walls before upgrading town hall. A premature upgrade will slow your progress down and you can get left behind.




We are farmers, trophies do not mean much to us except for finding the best range for farming.




This clan does not encourage gemming except for builders. We see gemming as a personal choice but excessive gemming and the use of gems for resources is not a sign of a good farmer. Boosting is acceptable. If in doubt please talk to an elder. 

If you feel a clan mate is in breach of any rules please alert an elder or Co Leader




Troop Sharing

Donation Ratios:  We do not enforce minimum limits or ratios as such, because at Centum we do not feel like we should have to.  It is simply common sense and respectful to try and keep a healthy ratio and to not let the same people do all of the general donating or all of the donating to clan castles.

Please feel free to ask for as many troops as you want, we actively encourage it and want everyone to be as strong as they can going into every raid, every attack.  However, please also give back troops too and try and not let your "Received - Donated" ratio become too unbalanced. 50 here or there is fine, even 100 - 200 of a gap at certain times will not be too much of an issue, however, if you are consistently talking several 100s of a gap and above then this is when it becomes a concern.


War Rules

Cerberus is not a war clan, but we do war back to back for clan perks. We encourage anyone to join in and war in a supportive and non judgemental environment. If you do opt in however, please make sure that you follow the few rules we have as below.


1.  No TH sniping:  This is a big no no, there is nothing to be learned or gained from simply sniping a TH in war. 

2.  No troll bases:  By all means have a decoy base, but make it realistic and credible as a war base.  Any cheap or derogatory attempts at a troll base will only do two things.  

(I) Firstly make it incredibly obvious to our enemy that it will be changing anyway, making the value of the prep day totally redundant.
(II) Secondly, it goes against the mature and respectful way in which Centum and Cerberus conducts its business.

Please leave troll bases for the kids clans.

3.  No attacking an unrealistic base simply for loot:  Again a big no no.  We value every single attack available and want to use every one of these attack to learn something and to develop as players.

If going out with range for second attacks then that's absolutely fine, we would rather people challenge themselves and fail as its the only way we can truly learn, however, please have a realistic plan and seek advice from each other first.

4.  Please use both attacks:  Basically what it says on the tin, even in defeat Cerberus have had an incredible record for activity levels (qty of attacks used).  It illustrates just how active this clan is.  Let's try and keep this up folks.

5.  Support and encourage each other:  We have seen just how vital this part can be in the clean up stages of a war.  I can count several wars where we were really up against it, loosing in the closing stages and when everyone came together, worked as a team for every remaining attack we managed to pull off some fantastic wins.  It really does make a difference folks, again let's keep it up.  If any clan is going to defeat us, then they better be prepared to work hard for it.  When we are united and managing that clean up stage like we do at Cerberus then I don't envy any clan facing us.




Specific Rules for each war can be found on Clash Caller.  Join the Cerberus War BAND for instructions on accessing Clash Caller.


Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in being 'opted out' for the next war.

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