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For War, we are using (except for events when we have lots of visitors)

Please also join our Arena War Room on Groupme. You will find the link in the Members section.

Welcome to the Arena!

Welcome to the CENTUM ARENA webpage. Centum Arena,born on 7/6/14, is a fair play warring clan and part of the CENTUM GROUP. Arena is a step further into the journey of Centum. The graduates from CENTUM GLADIUS come here. The information about our caoching system would be found on the coaching page.Please take time to go through the whole website to understand Arena and settle within it.


EVERYONE -- PLEASE READ THE ARENA WAR RULES -- some of them are the same as in the past, but we have made some changes to others. Do familiarize yourselves with them. They will help everyone to better plan their attacks, especially the higher TH that usually end up having to wait until later to attack.


1) Timers

Timers for first attacks are set to 9 hours on first attack and 4 hours for second attack.


2) TH9 attacks

All th9 are required to do both attacks in the first 16 hours of war. This will leave 8 hours for the higher bases to clean up and plan their own attacks. It is not fair to higher bases to attack late in war and then expect them to clean up.


3) Start of war search

To accommodate European players, the war search on weekdays will now be initiated no later than 4:00pm EST (1:00 PST, 9:00pm UK). While it is hard to take everyone's time zone into account, we have to cater to the majority of players' time zones. This rule will not apply at the week-ends as most ppl have more flexibility then. Whenever the war search gets to be too late, we shall reset to the next day.


4) Warring with Heroes down

We generally do not allow warring with aq down, however we will make exceptions in some cases. Warring with a hero down will be dealt with on a case by case basis. So if you know one of your heroes will be down for war, please let leadership know. Whether you will be included in war or not will depend on how many other warriors have a hero down. Generally, we will allow one player with hero down per 10 players in war (i.e., one player with hero down in 10v10 war, two players in 20v20 -- this is not cast in stone, but a general guide). Note: any person in coaching MUST have both heroes up for the duration of the coaching.

If you do war with one hero down, different attack rules apply:

You must do both your attacks as soon as possible, in any case in the first 12 hours of war.

If you are a th9, go low enough on your attack to mitigate the lack of hero (so the +/- 5 rule does not apply here).

If you are a th10, get a safe 2 star on a base that would be difficult to 3-star.


5) Rules on first attack and second attack

The general rule on first attack is to attack +/- 5 of your mirror OR a base you are confident you can three-star. We try to be flexible in Arena, but that does not mean attacking a high base when the player is a weak TH9 is encouraged. No loot attacks, please. On the second attack, be realistic -- while the range has opened, if you have one-starred your mirror, it may not be wise to go 5 bases higher on your second. If you have three-starred your first attack with flying colours, by all means, be adventurous. Also, on second attacks: before calling it, please take a moment to look at the Home team attack list to check which of your team mates has attacks pending. Please think about what targets they are likely to want to go for based on their ability/attack weight. Part of winning wars is being able to work well as a team and it is important that we consider others by not going for 3 star glory on low bases that would then leave our lower level players with nothing to attack.


6) Coded troop requests

Other clans request according to a coded system, which is fine. In Arena, we encourage ppl to spell out their requests clearly. After all, we are asking a favour from others, let us make their jobs easier by describing it in all letters.

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