The CENTUM War Path to greatness

Great news everyone!! We have finalized the Centum War Path and it's going to be GREAT!!! Much thanks to ALL that contributed to this - whether by ideas, opinions, arguments, support - it ALL got us to this point! We listened and we hope you'll be proud of this new path we're taking! The changes are GOOD. It's a plan to unite clans and players alike and bring FUN in a big, yet competitive way! We'd appreciate your support because with your support, it is already a success! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Centum Leadership Team and Founders! 😘 War path will be the following: Gladius > Testudo > Arena The Gladius Experience Be Prepared. Gladius is an entry level war clan that ch

Centum joins the MLCW

Hey Everyone! We have signed up for the MLCW! This is the Miner League Clan Wars. It is the same concept as the CWL, only with a different set of clans. Judging by the interest shown in the past, this seems like it will fit our goals and interest levels much more. We will be participating in the GW/AAA bracket which is 2/5/18 (TH11/TH10/TH9). .5 bases are also allowed to participate but it will be subject to the clan we are facing each week. If interested, please sign up below using the sheet! Thanks!

Centum Apparel

Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to announce the official opening of the new Centum apparel storefront! We have created a line of apparel and other items sporting the new Centum logo. Centum members can now show off their clan pride in style with these stylish threads. The Front side features the Centum logo, while on the backside are the names of the 11 active clans and website. There are two separate apparel campaigns, one US based and the other EU based. This was done to take advantage of the company's two fulfillment locations, enabling members to choose the one closest to them in order to lower shipping time and cost. Both of the campaings end in 7 days, this will ensure that people

50v50 Celebration Week

We’re having a 50v50 celebration WEEK! Kicking off this historic chain of events will be Tudo, celebrating the spectacular feat of being the first Centum clan to reach Level 12! How awesome is that?!? Press is on December 5th! Sign up below! The second celebration is a fun, relaxed 1-year birthday party! Come decked out in your fanciest duds and bring your best to Gladius and let's have a crazy fun time! Press is on December 7th! Sign up below! Last but definitely not least, is a celebration of 1 year of some awesome Arena coaching! How many of us are better players because of the time, patience and dedication these amazing coaches have given us to help us improve our game?! Press is o

Mars hit level 10 🎉🎉🎉

Super proud of the effort everyone put into the level 10 push and with 9 wins, 1 draw (on percentage) and 1 defeat (also on percentage) we have achieved this in record time! Another massive shout out to Eagles of Faith, our Mars YouTuber who recorded the win. Please check out his video and subscribe to support his channel! Watch "Centum war to lvl 10" on YouTube

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