Centum Civil War this weekend!

Hey Centum, it's CIVIL WAR TIME!!!!! Arena and Tudo will be hosting a Friendly War this weekend open to all warriors, farmers and those with a friendly grudge against a clanmate. If you want some big time bragging rights, don't be shy about signing up and crushing your buddies' bases! This Saturday, 6pm GMT. 4 hour prep, 20 hour war To make the sign up process easier, we've preloaded the sheet with those that showed interest in the CWL. If you are on the list and can't make it, just delete your name or let one of us know.


Yay we did awesome! Certainly exceeded my expectations. It was great fun having all the centum pushers over for the last few days. I'm sure all involved had a great time mixing in with the rest of the Centum family. Who said Centum isn't what it used to be?....Ive been here for almost three years now and this push shown me that we are just as strong now then we have ever been before. We peaked at #78 on Global Leaderboard. Most of the day we floated around #100. Right when the season ended we finished on #95. But we decided to stay around a bit longer to see if we climb higher while the players from the clans above left the top push clans to go back to their home clan. And some peoples tro

Centum Aquila, a new member of the FWA

It's official! Aquila is now an official member of the FWA! Everyone did a great job getting the numbers up to 40 within a few days and we had a perfect audit! All 40 bases passed the test. Along with Centuria, we now have two FWA clans in Centum! Thanks to everyone, especially TURIA - epishmeh for making this possible! We now have an easier way to balance our war weights and accept new members into the family! We will be doing our first war as soon as we get synchronized with the rest of the FWA and hopefully we'll start with a win! Maybe we'll even get to meet Centuria on the farm grounds! 😂💪👍


"I believe that founders need to be represented in all of the war clans, so that a true picture of what's going on can be formed, also that we should listen to proposals from anyone interested in sharing thoughts about how we can move forward. I set up Centum with the help of Ali and ninja and our principles were simple. To help players, to never get heavy handed and to inspire fun. Clearly the scouting process was at odds with that & will be scrapped. We will post a band soon that asks for proposals and outlines our mission moving forward, we need all proposals to align with our core values. As always I've got strong opinions about how we should move on from here and I've been discuss

Centums Official Logo

I'm happy to announce the new official CENTUM logo and mascot has been completed! Its been a couple of months of back and forth collaboration with the graphics artist to come up with something that I feel represents our clan well. We took the elements that were voted on the poll by members from all over the centum family, as well as some that helped bring it all together. Our new logo consists of a Roman Gladiator Helmet in front of a shield with crossed swords behind it. Gladiator Helmet: Represents the Roman military theme concept that is the core of Centums organization and structure. Shield: This is not just any ordinary shield, it is what links the logo to the world of Clash of C

Leadership change for CENTUM MARS

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my resignation as the leader of Centum Mars. I enjoyed seeing Mars develop during my stint as leader, but the time has come to pass the baton to someone else who can help the clan grow and thrive. Tammy will be taking over as Mars leader. I wish her the best of luck in her new role, and I am confident her enthusiasm and commitment will benefit Mars. I would like to thank my team of co-leaders and elders for all of your help and support. Mars has come a long way during this last year, and this progress and growth could not have happened without your efforts and dedication to the clan. Thank you. Please join me in congratulating Tammy on her

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