[originally posted by epishmeh] At the end of April 2016, Centum converted Centum Centuria into the family’s first farm war clan. Due in large part to the work of CENTURIA The Hesster, within a week of the announcement, Centuria was accepted into the Farm War Alliance (FWA). Since April, farm wars have gained in popularity among Centum members & new forum applicants. In fact, for the past couple of months, the waiting list to get into Centuria has been one to four weeks long. To answer this demand, Centum will be offering a second farm war clan, Centum Aquila. Taking on the responsibility of leading of this new clan is NTRoPY, who hails from Hades. NTRoPY & I will work closely to ensure that


FRENEMIES BATTLE!! Ever wondered where you stand among Centums group of warriors? Ever wanted to wreck your clan mates base? Or just wanted to show your friend who's boss? Then here is your chance! A Friendly war will be hosted by Gladius and Arena on FRIDAY 10/21/2016: War search 2pm GMT(9am EST) 4hr Prep period 24hr War period Go to the Leaders Announcements BAND and sign up today!!

Centum Push has started!

To celebrate the Centum Push, Billius from Centurae published a new video on some high level legend attacks!

Centum Push update!

PUSH UPDATE Well its almost time. the September season ends in two days then its PUSH PUSH PUSH!!! Before I get onto some Push Tips, I'll give an update where we currently are. Trophies: 50263 Global Rank: #191 Trophies 50th ranked player on: 4019 Centurae Players: 25 Testudo: 8 Nexus: 5 Ludus: 5 Hades: 5 Arena: 2 Cerberus: 1

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