Mini Me's WANTED!!!!!

If you have a mini that needs attention and need some work, we need you in Aquila!!!! Our mini's will war non stop in an effort to bring the perks up to Level 10 and prepare it to be our events FC clan and serve its purpose. If we bring it to level 10, it will help centum members in donations and continue to push it up higher. Requirements: If your a mini of any Centum Member then your welcome to join. Benefits for our minis: More WAR Stars. More exposure for your mini. More overall stats for the account. More like minded minis will share and help each other elevate the account. Help Aquila in perk level. Enjoy and have FUN wars for our minis and give the attention it deserves

Centum Push Update

October is quickly approaching. So if your in the lower leagues like crystal, masters or champions, you may want to get a move on and get up into titans league by the start of October. If your goal is to reach Legends league on November 6th that's where I would want to be. Aim to gain a couple of hundred cups each week to get to 5000. If your aiming to smash the 5000 barrier, I would start around 4700 at the start of the season. That's where you probably start seeing a lot of clouds. Gem prize giveaway!!! Il be giving away 2 bags of gems to two lucky pushers. One for a th11 player and on for a th9 or 10 player.

Clan Challenges

SuperCell made an annoucement they are working on some Clan Challenges that could well be the Arranged Wars we were all asking for!


Members of Centum, I am very pleased to announce that the Testudo and Aquila war alliance will move to a more regular basis through a merge between the two clans. This will bring bigger and more competitive wars to Tudo. Aquila will still be an open clan, but will be used flexibly as an event and situation clan. A few possibilities: - Hosting FC tournaments and training - Civil and Arranged Wars - Casual, hero down wars - Specialized coaching - Farming tournaments - Final weeks of the Centum Push - Donation clan for those wanting to increase FIN numbers/XP - A reroute for direct applicants for a quick interview rather than a forum application - A possible second FWA clan if Turia

Centum Push!

Its been a while since we have done one of these!!! So here it is. We will be doing a Centum Wide Push in the October. Start pushing when ever you want. Just make sure you peak at the end of the October season (6th November). Our goal is to fill a clan with 50 legends. So we need a lot of players to participate in this push. Might be very hard for our th9s and th10s to push this high. Therefore, we will need most of our th11 players to push. Players will push in their home clan. Then with a few days left in season, all the pushers will join Centum Centurae to see how high we can get on the Global Leaderboard. I did a quick add up of the top 50 trophy players in Centum before the Augu

Centum Aquila wins against Red Elite!

Well done guys! That was the second time Centum Aquila was matched against Red Elite. Not an Arranged War, just a random war. Red Elite won the first time but its now Aquila's turn to celebrate a nice victory! Congrats!

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