FC Tournament in Aquila!

We are down to almost a week from the start of the FC team tournaments and we are only about half full on sign ups. If you have what it takes to be crowned as the best in Centum, now is the time to sign up and prove it! Unless, of course, you're too scared..... September 2nd - start of the full TH tournament September 9th - start of the .5 tournament https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yVvCfjVYRjavUJXbYnIj8b0CS6emKWHdkvq6vZaMSG0/edit?usp=drive_web

Legend Attacks on Billius base

Latest Billius video showing 6 attacks on his base in Legend. Interestingly, these attacks are far from mass Miners or mass Bowlers.

Big changes announced.

Our war strategies will be affected from TH9 to TH11. Healers will be affected again by Air traps, Canons are getting buffed, Miners will slow down. Brace Brace Brace!!!!

Mars Rebranding

Hey everyone. Today I would like to announce you the official rebranding of Centum Mars to be our main entry level clan for TH7+. Their main purpose is to recruit any TH7 through TH9 forum & in game directs that we used to reject in the past due to not meeting Ludus/Gladius' requirements yet and train them in such a focus on offensive development both in base and war attack strategies before they will be ready and eligible to take on the farming and war challenges in Ludus or Gladius. We will revise their new role in the forum clan's chart / description and website really soon. Adult age 18+ will be required for new members to join after the rebranding but then the existing relatives and y

Centum Testudo makes it to level 11!

Massive thanks to everyone who participated and helped us achieve this 🙏🙏🙏 The Road to Victory continues!!!! Great effort by everyone despite a win from the beginning. What a way to kick off the Aquila/Testudo WAR Alliance. It was lots of fun, and a variety of attacks and skills were demonstrated on this war!!!💪 We are definetly going to continue this war alliance and hold big wars in the future.

Our New Centum website is up and running!

I am glad to announce our new Centum website is ready! Go to centumclans.com Currently, we have already our homepage, the description of our clans in the about section, together with our rules and values, the Arena War Coaching programme and quite some information on the Centuria Farm Wars. Stay tuned as future updates will come soon!

War Alliance

To kickstart and celebrate the war Alliance of Aquila and Testudo. We are holding the 40 or 50 war lineup for Perk 11 in Tudo!!!!!

Enter Aquila's FC Team Tournament

The weekend of September 2-4 Aquila will be hosting Centum's inaugural TEAM FC TOURNAMENT! We are looking for 8 teams of three - one TH 9, one TH 10, one TH 11. The following weekend, we will host a .5 tournament consisting of eight 8.5/9.5/10.5 teams. The rules will be simple. Two groups of four teams compete in a Round Robin round, top two from each group proceed to a knockout round. Stars don't matter, only a cumulative percentage of the attacks. Highest percentage advances.

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