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In any attack, you want some of your troops to go right into the centre. For example in a GoVaLoon attack, you will want your Golem and Heroes to kill the queen who will be deeper in the base. If you don't funnel your heroes, they will "Go for a walk around the base" and waste all chance of success.


See the video from OneHive to understand this tactic. 

How to deal with a drag or hound in Clan Castle?

2 great videos by OneHive show you how to manage a Drag or a Hound in the cc:

- Drag in the CC : which is all about preparing the place so your queen will lock to the drag or to lure it with a witch, wiz and queen

- Hound in the CC: where you will anchor 2 archers in a safe area, supported by a healer. The archers will be targetted by the hound. Another way to manage a lavahound involving a few mins and a wiz, great guide by Crystal Warriors:

Timings: when to drop your king?

See the video from Higherground, about how you should delay dropping your king. If you drop your king to early, he will go ahead of the Golems, trigger the CC and get under heavy fire from both the defences and the cc troops (in particular loons and drags).

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