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War Coaching

Newcomers into Centum Arena must pass an exam in order to stay in the clan and/or be eligible to move up to our elite war clan, Centum Testudo.


The exam assesses 3 star attacking ability against TH9s, which is what we specialise in Arena. Please see ‘The Exam’ section below for what we assess our warriors on.


The thought of having to do an exam may sound daunting, but do not fear. As an Arena ‘Apprentice’ you will be assigned two coaches that will be responsible for preparing you for the exam.

Your coaches will help you every step of the way and you will also have the support and help from the whole of the Arena community.

We’ve been running the coaching system for a long time and we are always evolving and developing what we do in order to keep up with changes in the game. We are consistently responsible for creating some of the best warriors in Centum that help produce war logs that look like this:

Standards are high in Arena, and require everyone to be reliable, committed, organised and a team player, so we will also be assessing you on these essential qualities too.


The coaching period lasts approximately 2 weeks, by which point we are confident you will have a good idea of what it is like to be part of Centum Arena and we will have a good idea as to whether you’re a good fit for the clan.




Get Set Up!


Here in Arena we use a number of useful apps/websites: DISCORD is our main communications app

SKITCH, drawing tool used to plan an attack in war, available on Android/IOS. Currently not available anymore for Android, you can download it from here.

Rules During The Coaching Period


  • This training period will be focused on war. You are therefore requested to keep both heroes up and ready.

  • You should always be opted-in for war. If you can't participate in a war, please speak to one of your coaches.

  • All your attacks should be planned using SKITCH and posted on the GroupMe War Room following this template:

    • Skitch with annotations showing drop of troops and spells

    • Army Composition - describing type and quantity

    • Spell Composition - describing type and quantity

    • Deployment - describing order/sequence of deployment of troops and spells, also giving details of objectives of troops and what is expected to happen



Army composition:

5 dragons
1 golem
7 valks
7 wiz
5 minis
3 wb
Spells: 1 heal, 1 rage, 2 lightning, 1 eq
CC: golem & poison

Expected Teslas at white and gbs at black

1. Place minis at green dots (funnel dragons & start pre clearing from builder huts in north and west)
2. Place golems at black arrows, wiz at blue dots (funnel KS)
3. Wb at yellow arrow.
4. Zap quake at blue circle

5. King, queen, valks, 3 wiz at red arrow. Heroes will lead, valks will go last. hope is that golems will pull enemy cc prior to deployment of valks, so that they will be focus of attacks (ks should remove all atleast all buildings in red)

6. Heal & poison is at engage of cc

7. Dragons at maroon arrows

8. Rage on dragons to engage queen (if tesla farm does not appear at east and do not show any signs elsewhere rage may be saved for east most compartment where there is the potential for a tesla farm as well.)


2 wiz and 1 mini for additional clean up


This is just an example of good practice, sure you can come up with better!


  • You should remain in the clan over the training period (avoid visits to other clans)

  • Respect of the clan rules and the war rules which you can see on the ‘Rules’ page.

  • Follow instructions/advice given from your coaches/elders/leaders.

Introduce Yourself



On the Arena Members Board in BAND post a brief introduction including:

  • Your Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Something about yourself

  • The weight of your base in war and hero level (if you don't know how to calculate that please ask in chat)

  • A clash phobia (so we can fix it!)


Once you have introduced yourself, an Elder will send you a private message on band, requesting to provide an email address in order to invite you to the dedicated GroupMe boards.


While waiting to be assigned coaches, check this video from PowerBang and think about the development of your base:

Prepare your War Base

Here in Arena we frequently face top war clans which is why we run anti-3 star war bases.


Please read this  document and apply the advice to your war base.

Your coaches will discuss your war base with you and may encourage you to make changes depending on weaknesses identified in war.



War Training


Warrior, it’s time to train for war!

Get ahead of the game by watching tutorials on youtube for the following current 3 star attack strategies:

  • Max Attack

  • Lavaloon

  • Pentalavaloon

  • GoHo

  • GoLaLoon

  • GoVaHo

  • Superqueen


We recommend videos from the following Youtube channels:

  • Clash with DaRT

  • Powerbang Gaming

  • OneHive Raids

  • Moskri Clashheads

  • And of course Billius!


The War Exam


On the second week of coaching, you will be assessed on your war attack abilities.

Here is what is required:




Please note that the result of the attack itself will not count in the Exam. You can pass the Exam without having a 3 star, or fail even if you managed a 3 star attack.


We have 3 examiners that will run the exams independently in order to get a fair and impartial result.






After successful completion of the exam and satisfaction of your coaches and examiners, post a review of the clan and your experience on the dedicated BAND ‘Review’ board. Please go to the Communication page to find the link for the invite.

Include the Graduate Ribbon image shown below in your post.

Congratulations, You Have Mastered The Arena!

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