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Origins and Introduction


5 players (Vexed, Ali, Avenging Ninja, Desource90 & Joben) who had been planning for days, decided to split from their clan 'Exploitation'. They had all been trainers there for many months and were elders and leaders in that family. They were keen to set up a clan where members were treated fairly, and management wasn't heavy handed. They were all very nervous but determined to give it their best shot. They were even thinking along the lines of creating a family of clans which is why they came up with the Roman Military theme for the family.

They also strongly believed that whilst other Clans can claim to train they would find a way to help in a structured and organised way. Their goal was to recruit TH8 players and upwards but they couldn't compete with the larger and more stable clans for them. So they used their experience as trainers and started recruiting the players who would become strong and loyal TH8 players and the concept of the Ludus and the trials was born.

Daverout left Exploitation a few months later to join the Group and become a Founder, bringing a whole clan of strong TH9 farmers with him that is now called 'Testudo' our top war clan.

Centum has now been running successfully for more than 3 years. Our current active Founders are  Avenging Ninja, Roponburgh, JamesonHi and Desource90. Retired Founders are Godzilla and Scott.

Who are we?

We are the clan family of 11 active clans where amity meets class. Our social, active and devoted members are always looking for new ways to improve both their own bases and strategies, but also their teammates as well. Whether we war, we farm, push or fight in Friendly Challenges tournaments, sharing knowledge and thoughts in a friendly atmosphere is our top priority. Our commitment to always wanting to get better has made us setting up the target of being amongst the top war clans and farming clans. So join us, you won't regret it!

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